Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Kratos in new Mortal Kombat

That Kratos is hardcore has been proven in GoW 1-3 and also the PSP Games, but now he will be able to show all he got in the new MORTAL KOMBAT.

Kratos fits perfectly in the MK-Series, Playstation-gamers know Kratos's methods.

Heres the offical trailer:



Im pretty sure everyone knows since a while and i got to admit that im addicted to it. Its not just only the possibility to create a completly own world, its about art. Some of you may think im kidding, but its possible to do real art with it.

Im asking you : Have you ever take a look at picture art with minecraft?

Heres something i made last week.
(Better not show you the right one.^^)

Ill show you more later! Feel free to comment and follow!

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Hey Guys!

Hey there,
i just started with my blog and i would like to present you a lot of cool stuff here. I would like to share a lot of experiences i made with you (readers) and other bloggers. This blog will be about me, my daily life and of course games.

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